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January 19 2015

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Q: What exactly is my true life's purpose? What are we in charge of? Why are we here? Is there a lesson we all have been here to understand, or is life just one single random avalanche of events and experiences which have no true rhyme, reason or purpose? And if my entire life Comes with a real purpose or plan... how do you discover it before it's too late? Yellow pages

These questions problem? In case you are anything like the millions of people who ask any one of the above on a daily basis... you are well familiar with the impression of planning to feel karmically connected to your mission in your life, and also to feel like there is real meaning in why (and then for what) you get up to do everyday too.

In my experience being a professional publisher, writer, researcher and "explorer" within the spiritual domain, there is nothing which has been more instrumental within my own "waking up" than investigating my very own past life experiences. White pages

A short confession...

I had been an overall total cynic, skeptic and "debunker" of all things spiritual, mystical, magical and modern age. It wasn't until I'd my own, personal group of extraordinary experiences that I had been a believer that does not only is there A lot more to the life than you would think, but that we each live many lives, in many different bodies that share ONE soul or authentic self, and whose purpose should be to learn, grow and evolve as spiritual being.

My challenge to people who don't believe is this:

Immerse yourself within the investigation of your own potential past lives. I have faith that practically all of us have them, BUT... that exploring them will make you susceptible in your true purpose, and definately will assist you to understand not merely the reason why you do the stuff you do, though WHOM you do them (often recurring soul mates who still incarnate together lifetime to lifetime) and just how it is possible to break destructive patterns that hold you back also.

The funny thing is, a lot of MY own fears, phobias, fopa's and eccentricities have replayed themselves lifetime after lifetime, due to the fact I never opened myself as much as their root cause.

By returning to the source of an experience, or trauma, as well as important relationship with a loved one that you want to get "right", it's amazing how many insights, "a-ha" moments and intuitive inspirations may come from recalling a prior, or perhaps future life together. ( a more complicated subject... BUT a thing that investigating past lives has proven if you ask me as well)

At the conclusion of the afternoon, I invite you to awaken in your true potential by realizing that this life's NOT all that there is. You're a true timeless being, with lifetimes of experiences behind you, along with what the thing is within the mirror is not actually "you". The actual magic and magnificence of each and every reveals itself whenever we "unpack" the mystery in our authentic self... as well as your past lives could be a powerful portal into awakening this understanding. (and that i invite you to give it a try... if you are skeptical, or already believe or are merely curious but not convinced!)

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